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Suboxone Opioid Program

Daily Suboxone or Subutex treatment offers even and long-lasting relief from withdrawals for those addicted to opioids. This allows the individual to maintain stability in their lives and provides the opportunity to focus on addressing and overcoming the underlying issues associated with their addiction to achieve effective long-term recovery.

Benefits of Suboxone Treatment

If you are struggling with an addiction to opioids, Suboxone may be able to help as part of a comprehensive treatment program or OTP, or as prescribed by a Suboxone doctor in an office.

The two significant benefits of Suboxone Treatment include:

  • Reduction in craving and the painful withdrawal syndrome associated with opioid withdrawal.
  • Stabilization of symptoms, allowing for focus on addiction treatment, including behavioral therapy.

Meet The Clinicians

Dr. Marek Hirsch

Medical Director

Dr. Blazen Draguljic


Corinne Ryan


Raluca Harris

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