Africa Pino


I have experience working across the lifespan from infant mental health to geriatrics, and with people from diverse backgrounds including those in state correctional institutions, county jails, juvenile detention facilities, and city substance use diversion centers. I’ve conducted telehealth therapy, groups, and in-person sessions. Counseling those in need of healing and helping with domestic violence, childhood trauma, and the schizophrenia spectrum is where I have been most effective and compassionate as a therapist. Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy is the evidence-based practice I have used for treatment intervention with many of my clients to assist them when they are diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other severe reactions to trauma. In addition, I have a Parent-Child Attachments, FirstPlay® Therapy Certification. When I worked in the schools, some of my kids would leave my classroom commenting, “This was therapy? Wow, it was fun!” My experiences lead me to believe therapy can be engaging while being instrumental for children. I earned my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Jacksonville University in Florida. I enjoy audiobooks, cooking, kayaking in the springs, photography, and concerts.