What is SPRAVATO® (esketamine) CIII nasal spray?

SPRAVATO® is a prescription medicine, used along with an antidepressant taken by mouth to treat:

  • Adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD)
  • Depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) with suicidal thoughts or actions

SPRAVATO® is not for use as a medicine to prevent or relieve pain (anesthetic). It is not known if SPRAVATO® is safe or effective as an anesthetic medicine.

It is not known if SPRAVATO® is safe and effective for use in preventing suicide or in reducing suicidal thoughts or actions. SPRAVATO® is not for use in place of hospitalization if your healthcare provider determines that hospitalization is needed, even if improvement is experienced after the first dose of SPRAVATO®.

What is SPRAVATO®?Spravato (esketamine) is a breakthrough treatment used to treat major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD) in adults. Spravato is a unique medication with a different mechanism of action from traditional antidepressant medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors also known as SSRIs. In the context of depression, it is believed that Spravato can help to increase the activity of certain neurotransmitters, such as glutamate, which may alleviate symptoms of depression.

Spravato is administered through a nasal spray, which is used in conjunction with an antidepressant medication to treat depression in adults who have not responded to other treatments. Spravato is FDA approved for use in TRD, which is a more severe form of depression that does not respond to multiple medications. It is important to note that Spravato can have significant side effects, including sedation, dissociation, and an increased risk of abuse and dependence. As such, it is only available through a restricted distribution program and must be administered in a healthcare setting under the supervision of a healthcare provider.If you are experiencing symptoms of depression or have taken two or more antidepressants and still experience symptoms of depression, contact us at Metropolitan Behavioral Services to see if Spravato is right for you. Interested in learning more, please visit the official Spravato website HERE SPRAVATO® (esketamine) | Official Patient Website

Please send an email to:  kmiller@metropolitanbhs.com and visit spravato.com