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​ ​"Helping you live in your reality"

Metropolitan Behavioral Services goal is to empower you with reality based approaches and stress reduction techniques to successfully deal with stressful circumstances and traumatic events.
Individual Counseling
Court ordered services such as social services and drug evaluations
Court Ordered Services
Offering Adult and Child Psychiatric Mental Health Services
General Psychiatry

Military Counseling​

We recognize the special challenges these families face with relocation, deployments, family dynamics, PTSD, and adjusting to the military lifestyle.

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Meet The Clinicians

Dr. Marek Hirsch

Medical Director

Dr. Blazen Draguljic


Corinne Ryan


Raluca Harris

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Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling
There are many issues facing our youth today. Suicide, substance abuse, peer pressure, bullying, sexuality, and performance stress are just a few that our children and teens must learn to cope with.
Children and Teens
​Metropolitan Behavioral Services will be starting 2 wellness groups, one specific for adults, and another for teens. Individuals struggling with addictions can also become a part of the SMART recovery group.
Group Counseling