David Lee


People seek counseling for many reasons but one desire is common: to stop suffering. We will meet in a setting of mutual respect, human regard, and committed willingness to examine this discomfort; and whether or not it can be eliminated, alleviated, or ultimately accepted, the focus will always remain on finding ways for you to live a meaningful life. For roughly 30 years, my practice has been based on behavior analysis, acceptance and mindfulness techniques, and functional-analytic therapies. Settings for my work include in-home, in-office, community mental health, hospitals, juvenile detention, and private practice. My experiences include assisting others with mood instability, trauma, personal relationships, and healthy communication. I’ve worked individually, and in groups, with adults, children, families, couples from culturally diverse backgrounds. When we are locked into painful, unworkable relationships with others, or even within ourselves, we want the hope of something better. My specialty is teaming up with you to unlock these unworkable patterns and to find alternatives that will allow your intimate relationships to prosper and leave with you a deeper sense of living.