Josephine Ibisagba


It is important to me that every client that leaves my office feels empowered through awareness of their strengths. I believe in the power of meeting my clients exactly where they are and then encouraging them to take the steps necessary to evolve into the best version of themselves. My therapeutic approach involves a mix of Person-Centered therapy and Adlerian therapy. I believe that clients benefit from unconditional positive regard, which allows them to experience my non-judgmental, safe character. I also believe that we are all products of our experiences, beginning with our families of origin. I believe that our experiences shape the way we view and operate in the world. As your therapist, we will set the goal and do the work to achieve the goals. I believe, as your therapist, my sole purpose is to help you work through your current life stressors. I utilize techniques and interventions from a variety of theories, which include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, etc. I have experience counseling in inpatient, outpatient, as well as school-based counseling. I have experience with children and adults.